A Japanese actress who introduced Arab world アラブ世界を日本に伝えた女優

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An actress and a member of the House of Councilors who introduced the Arab world to Japan

Yoshiko Yamaguchi (1920-2014), a famous actor and member of the House of Councilors, was also keenly interested in Palestinian peace. Her book, “Arab Nobody Written,” was written by her observing the current situation in Arab.

Born and raised in China, she had dreamed of becoming a journalist since she had been a girl. Racked by the war between Japan and China, she probably overlapped the figures of those who were involved in the war between Israel and the Arabs and suffered with her past.

Yoshiko Yamaguchi

At the Beirut refugee camp, which she visited immediately after the attack on Tel Aviv Rod Airport by the Japanese Red Army in 1973, a Palestinian woman held out Ms. Yamaguchi a baby and said, “I will give this child, I would like you to grow him as a brave man like Kozo Okamoto (one of the airport attackers). Facing with such a woman she also touched on the fierce hatred of Palestinians against Israel.

When she asked for orange juice at the juice stand in Beirut, the man of the stand said, “Are you Japanese? Japan is wonderful. It’s an industrial country where you can make anything such as radio and tape recorders. And Kamikaze, Mikado, Karate, Judo, a strong country. At Tel Aviv, Japanese men made a swift attack against Israel. “

She also interviewed with Leila Khaled in Palestine, who after a failed hijacking of Israeli El Al Airlines, had been detained in the United Kingdom, was released in exchange for a hostage and returned to Palestine. Leila said to Yamaguchi “I don’t hate the Jews, I’m against the act of brute force to rob our country. “

She collected news in the Middle East, including Palestine, because she wanted as many Japanese as possible to know about the Middle East issue. She first visited Arab countries in 1971 and wanted to expose her trauma to the setting sun in the desert. The sun setting on the horizon of Manchuria and the desert as an image of the Arab world may have overlapped.

With Yasser Arafat

Yamaguchi became felt strong kinship with Palestinians. PLO Chairman Yasser Arafat gave her an Arab name “Jamila (beautiful)” and Yamaguchi kept saying, “I want to be called Jamila.”

When she first visited the Arab world in 1971, the Middle East was still far from Japanese in general, and it was during the first oil crisis triggered by the fourth Middle East War in 1973 that many Japanese were interested in the Middle East conflict, including the Palestinian issue. Japanese were facing with serious shortage of toilet paper and other items during the oil crisis.

Even after becoming a member of the Diet in 1974, she continued to work as a foreign affairs member of the House of Councilors, and participated in the establishment of the Japan-Palestine Parliamentary Friendship League with liberal conservative politicians such as Tokuma Utsunomiya and Toshio Kimura. In 1981, the league sponsored the first visit of PLO Chairman Yasser Arafat to Japan, which was a breakthrough event as the United States, which saw Arafat as a terrorist at that time.

I hate war. I absolutely hate war.
I don’t think there is any good war even now.
I don’t like war! “

Yoshiko Yamaguchi

Mr. Yamaguchi overlapped the Middle East, where conflicts continue, with that of China when he was born and raised.









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