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Éric Zemmour, 63, who is currently the second most popular in the polls for the French presidential election in April next year, was attacked and injured at a rally in the suburbs of Paris.

French journalist and writer Eric Zemmour arrives at the Criminal Court in Paris on November 6, 2015, where he is prosecuted for incitement to racial hatred. In an interview given to Italian newspaper Corriere della Sera in December 2014 he said Muslims “kept to themselves in the suburbs” and the “French were forced to move out”, which led to him to getting the boot from a TV channel. A leading French radio station said later it will continue working with Zemmour despite this controversial comments about Muslims. AFP PHOTO / BERTRAND GUAY (Photo credit should read BERTRAND GUAY/AFP/Getty Images)

“Most of the drug traffickers are Arabs and blacks,” “France has been attacked by Islam for 30 years,” he said on television and was fined as a person who fueled hatred of race and religion.

He is an Algerian Jew himself, although he appeals to French nationalism, calling to give French children French-style names.

Even in Algeria, France, which tried to ally the Jews during the War of Independence, heightened the confrontation between Muslims and Jews, and many Jews fled to France after independence in 1962. Zemmour’s existence in France seems to be a “product of French imperialism.” French singer Enrico Macias from Algeria is Jewish, but his uncle was also killed in Constantine in eastern Algeria, but it can be said that France’s divide and rule in Algeria may have given rise to Mr. Zemmour’s claims and activities. Maybe.

from the movie “Battle of Algiers”

Fortunately or unfortunately, Zemmour seems to praise Japan. According to Zemmour, Japan is strict about immigrants entering the country, resulting in low unemployment, low crime and few prison inmates. Japan’s manufacturing industry accounts for 29.1% of GDP, but France accounts for 16.3%, which is the difference between France, which has been in the trade deficit since 2005, and Japan, which has been in the trade surplus.

France actively accepted immigrants from the 1960s to the early 1970s due to labor shortages, and during this period, an estimated 200,000 Africans migrated to France. From the end of World War II to 1975 was the period of economic growth in France, which was called the “Trente Glorieuses”. Nevertheless, black immigrant societies have come across problems such as poverty, racism, and social isolation. Little improvement has been seen in the humanitarian problems of immigrant societies, and ruthless claims like Mr. Zemmour have emerged in France, which have gained considerable support.

If a person like Mr. Zemmour becomes the president of France, it is clear that the relationship between the Christian / European world like France and the Islamic world will not proceed well, and the world cannot help expecting the reason of the French people.

On December 5, Pope Francis visited a refugee camp on the island of Lesbos, Greece, saying that anti-immigrants do not speak with the same enthusiasm about immigration issues as the exploitation of the poor, the weapons industry, and the war. The Pope said he had brought 16 Syrian refugees back to Italy in 2016, but nothing has changed since then. War, the weapons industry that benefits from war, and poverty are significant backgrounds for immigrants.

Pope Francis meeting refugees in Lesbos Island
December 5, 2021

The Pope, who came to Japan in November 2019 and gave a lecture at Sophia University, told the students that they should be “fair, human, and responsible,” and said “You need to defend the weak and show honesty. ” The Pope once again showed the Japanese that the salvation of the vulnerable is a universal value for humans.

France World Cup 2018 squad
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