U.S. military “bombing the wrong target” without apology

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On August 29, the U.S. Department of Defense announced that it would not dispose of officials for the accidental bombing of the U.S. military, which killed 10 civilians in Afghanistan. Given the sentiment of the victims’ families, it is not hard to imagine that this measure has been repelled in Afghanistan. The behavior that seems to be “arrogant” in the United States has been repelled in the Islamic world of the Middle East, and it has become the background of extremist terrorism. Pentagon spokesman Kirby said the cause of the accidental bombing was “not the result of negligence, illegal activity, and inadequate leadership,” but the “erroneous bombing” was “negligence” and the killing of civilians is an “illegal” act, and it is not surprising that bombing the wrong target is the result of inadequate leadership.

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Afghanistan is currently in a difficult situation where one million children are on the verge of starvation, but there is a strong awareness among Afghanistan that such difficulties have been brought about by the intervention of foreign troops such as the United States. Officials from the Afghan embassy in Japan have told me that the destablitiy in Afghanistan was due to the intervention of foreign countries such as the Soviet Union and the United States.

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In Afghanistan, the Taliban government will not be able to be eliminated by force for the time being. The United States and others are concerned about human rights violations such as women, but Taliban spokesman Shahin has also emphasized the return of women to government agencies and universities. Afghanistan is a country where women are not seen except in the capital Kabul, and even when the US military was stationed, women’s social advancement did not progress much.

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The international community will need to urgently provide humanitarian assistance, recognizing the Taliban administration. At least the assets of the Afghan government, which has been frozen by the United States and other countries (1.4 trillion yen), should be unfrozen so that they can be used for humanitarian projects in Afghanistan. If the Taliban seems to be isolated internationally, the radicals within the Taliban will be empowered and will pursue more stubbornly principled policies.

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