インド・パキスタンを緑化した「夢野久作」の息子 A Japanese who greened the desert of India and Pakistan

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一般財団法人 日本水土総合研究所「インドを緑に変えた偉人-Green Father 杉山龍丸伝-」より
470kmに及ぶユーカリ並木 / Green eucalyptus grows on both sides of the international road, which used to be barren, and the road is 470 kilometers long


杉山龍丸氏についてより詳細はご子息の杉山満丸氏が書かれた「インドを緑に変えた偉人-Green Father 杉山龍丸伝-」などをご覧ください。


※アイキャッチ画像は、福中・福高同窓会「中学16回 杉山龍丸さんのドキュメンタリー番組が放映されます」より

A Japanese who greened the desert of India and Pakistan

After the World War 2, there was a Japanese who contributed to the greening of the main roads of Pakistan from India. In 1962, former Japanese Army soldier Tatsumaru Sugiyama (1919-1987) came up with the idea of ​​planting eucalyptus trees after seeing the plight of the Punjab region from India to Pakistan, which was desertified.

Father Taido Sugiyama was a very famous writer of the pen name “Yumeno Kyusaku”. The encounter between Mr. Ryumaru and India began in 1954 with a friend from the military academy who happened to meet in the city. Eventually, it spread to interacting with and supporting S.K.Mirmira and others who had come to Japan following Gandhi’s words to learn Japanese ceramic culture.

Mr. Tatsumaru Sugiyama visited India for the first time in 1962, spent a month sleeping and eating with Vinova Bave, who is admired as the “master of the Indian people”, and touched on the essence of Gandhi’s teachings, advocating advocated nonviolence and human rights. Through that experience in India, Mr Tatsumaru decided to devote his entire life and all his fortune to the people of India.

Although the devastated land was widespread in India, Mr. Sugiyama thought that the international road connecting Delhi and Amritsar was parallel to the Himalayas, so there was abundant groundwater.

Mr. Tatsumaru decided to plant a eucalyptus tree on this main road. Eucalyptus has deep roots and a strong ability to suck up water, and he noticed that the roots stretched in the ground store water and moisturize the soil. He thought that it would be possible to produce crops in moist soil. Green eucalyptus grows on both sides of the international road, which used to be barren, and the road is 470 kilometers long and has about 260,000 trees. Rice cultivation, wheat and potato cultivation are also carried out around the road.

Mr. Sugiyama’s achievements in planting eucalyptus trees on the main road from India to Pakistan have given hints for coexistence to India and Pakistan, which are currently in conflict, or to the international community. Agricultural land shortages due to the progress of desertification are also a factor in attracting needy young people in rural areas to armed groups around the world. There must be many areas in the world where we can overcome conflicts and conflicts and cooperate.

Kyusaku Yumeno’s book

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