イスラエルの「アパルトヘイト」を告発した南アフリカの女性作家/South African female writer accusing Israeli “Apartheid”

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Amnesty International reveals Israeli apartheid

Amnesty International, an international human rights group, released a report on February 1 stating that Israel has an apartheid policy. The report states that Jews are privileged in Israel and any Jew is eligible to move to Israel, but Palestinian Israeli families and relatives do not have such rights and Palestinians in the occupied territories. People have been placed under Israeli military control, and it has been revealed that 800,000 Palestinians have been arrested since the Six-Day War in 1967. Currently, there are about 5 million Palestinians living in the occupied territories, so you can see how harsh Israeli rule is.


Humanitarian writer

South African female writer Nadine Gordimer (1923-2014) left behind many works against apartheid policy and was the first sub-Saharan writer to win the Nobel Prize in Literature in 1991. She continued to portray blacks who lived oppressed for discrimination under racial segregation policies and whites who were oppressed by participating the anti-apartheid movement. Although her publication was also obstructed by the government, his indomitable creative activities on the theme of humanitarianism were highly evaluated.

She had a father from Lithuania and a mother of British Jewish descent, but she was also a person who argued that the Israeli government’s policy toward Palestinians was essentially not different from apartheid in South Africa.

Call for dialogue between Israeli and Palestinian Islamists

Gordimer said the Israeli government should have a dialogue with Palestinian Islamists, just as Nelson Mandela met with President Botha, who had pursued an apartheid policy shortly after his release. Even when she visited Israel in April 2008, she found the root cause of the intensification of the Palestinian intifada (uprising) that began in 2000 was that Israel was occupying the land of the Palestinians, demanding Israel taking an immediate negotiations with Palestinians. She argued that Israel’s confiscation of land and houses on the west bank of the Jordan River had been also happening in South Africa, and she said it was very regrettable and shameful policies of Israel.

Generation Z will free Palestine

Accusation of Israeli apartheid policy

She also insisted that blocking Gaza and building the Separation Wall on the West Bank of the Jordan River was intended to “isolate” the Palestinians and is a crime against humanity that is essentially similar to South Africa’s apartheid policy. Israel has 700,000 Jews inhabited in the occupied territories of the West Bank and East Jerusalem, protected by thick, high separation wall. There are 3.2 million Palestinians living on the West Bank. In addition, Israel does not recognize the Palestinian state and does not give them “nationality”. Palestinian movement on the West Bank is restricted by “passes”, as it was in apartheid in South Africa. Palestinians are not given basic human rights, labor freedoms, union movements, educational security, or freedom of speech. It’s exactly what South Africa’s apartheid policy once was, and it is such Nadine Gordimer vehemently opposed as the theme of her work.

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