文化への敬意を感じられない非人道的な劇場攻撃/Inhumane theater attack with no respect for culture

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ユネスコ憲章前文・平和の砦/Preamble to the UNESCO Charter-Fort of Peace


精神とは高度に発展した魂の作用である。「認識し、比較し、選択し、判断し」それをつうじて文化を生み出す作用である ―マイネッケ(ドイツの歴史学者:1862~1954年)


About 300 people were killed in a theater in Mariupol in southeastern Ukraine attacked by Russian troops, city officials said. Indiscriminate attacks by Russian troops are increasing civilian casualties. Indiscriminate attacks, including the theater, which is also the stage for cultural transmission, does not seem to have respect for culture in President Putin. The citizens of Mariupol who had evacuated had the idea that they would not attack because it was a symbol of culture, but Putin did not consider the feelings of such citizens at all.

「白鳥の湖」ウクライナ・ナショナル・オペラ/Swan Lake by Valery Kovtun | Ballet Company of The National opera of Ukraine

Former German Chancellor Angela Merkel explained the government’s financial support measures on December 5, 2020, as the pandemic of the new coronavirus is becoming more serious in Germany. She stated that culture has great significance for the German people and that it is especially painful that cultural facilities such as theaters, cinemas, opera houses and museums must be closed. She expressed her determination to provide the necessary support for Germany to continue to be a country where people can enjoy culture and art. Contrary to President Putin’s stance, she revealed that the German government values ​​culture.

It is clear from the text on the website of the Agency for Cultural Affairs about the significance of culture that the Japanese government also values ​​culture. “Culture is extremely important for human beings to live like human beings, creates a sense of solidarity between human beings, and forms the foundation of a society in which we live together. It maintains the diversity of the world and becomes the cornerstone of world peace.”

Looking at the history of the Islamic world, culture continued to be the cornerstone of the country’s development. During the Abbasid dynasty of the Islamic empire (750 to 1258), a research institute “Bayt al-Hikmah (House of Wisdom)” was established in the capital Baghdad, and translation projects for Greek classics and the like were flourishing. Furthermore, at the mosque Camii al-Mansour, Islamic scholarship developed, and historical studies and literary works such as poetry were actively created. Just as Mesopotamia in the Euphrates River basin was one of the birthplaces of civilization in the world, Baghdad continued to be a pioneer of civilization, and when Europe could be called a frontier of the world, Baghdad was in the center of the world. It is the most sophisticated and international city, with highly developed philosophical, scientific and literary arts, bringing about the prosperity, well-being and peace of the nation.

The act of destroying the theater also destroys the human soul.

The mind is the action of a highly developed soul. “Recognize, compare, select, judge” is the action that creates culture through it-Meinecke (German historian: 1862-1954)

Friedrich Meinecke

The preamble to the UNESCO Charter says, “War is caused by the human heart, so we must build a bastion of peace in the human heart.” The destruction of the theater also destroys the premise of the fort of peace and is unacceptable to the international community and humankind.


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