Lebanese diva who sang the feelings of Arab ―Fairouz

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An article entitled “Seven female icons who helped define the Arab world” appeared in “Middle East Eye” dated December 23.

The seven are 1. Fatima al-Fihri (800-880), founder of The Al-Qarawiyyin University, the oldest university in the world (certified by UNESCO and Guinness) in Fez, Morocco. 3. Sameera Moussa (1917-1952), an Egyptian nuclear physicist and the first female faculty member at Cairo University. 4. Iraqi architect Zaha Hadid (1950-2016), who became a hot topic in the design of Japan’s national stadium. 5.Lebanese writer Anbara Salam Khalidi (1897-11986), who was responsible for the women’s liberation movement in the Arab world, 5. Shajar al-Durr, Sultana of Egypt (? ~ 1257) became the female ruler of the Egyptian Mamluk dynasty in 5.1250 for a short time, 6. Rabia’a ​​Adawiyya (713-801), a female Sufi who is also described as an “Islamic saint,” and Fairuz, a contemporary Lebanese female singer, described as an “Arab Diva.” Fairouz, born in 1935) is mentioned.

All of them have made remarkable achievements in the Arab world, where the social role of women is limited, and the last Firouz sings songs related to the Arab-Israeli conflict and the Lebanese civil war. Speaking of the Arab-Israeli conflict, nuclear physicist Samira Musa is believed to have had a car accident while traveling to the United States in 1952, behind which the Israeli intelligence agency Mossad broke.

Journalist Mei Shigenobu talked of the Fairouz song, “There are many favorite songs in her song, but among them,” Zahrat Al Madaa’in (flower in the city) “is my favorite song. A prayer song to Palestine and Jerusalem, Fairouz sings for the mosques and churches there, hoping for the revival of her own homeland. Perhaps like Hibari Misora ​​in Japan, Fairouz gave people dreams and joy, even in times of predicament and despair. “

The lyrics of “flowers in the city” are

“Jerusalem is a city of prayer

A wonderful hometown and flowers in the city

Every day I pour my eyes on Jerusalem

People walk in the mosque corridor,

Remove sadness from the mosque

It’s the night of Isla when people set out for heaven

My eyes are on Jerusalem and I pray. “

And finally, “Jerusalem is our hometown, ours,

In our hands, we will celebrate the magnificence of Jerusalem. “

In the documentary film “Beloved Beirut/ Arab Diva”, the Lebanese people said, “When I listen to her song, I feel my homeland.” ” Her influence strengthened my love for Lebanon.” She sings songs that represent Arab voices and feelings,  showing she is a part of Lebanon and Arab world.

English Article
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