Japan’s Covid-19 Decrease-Commonality with Islamic Teachings 世界を驚かした日本のコロナウイルス感染の減少

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Japan’s Covid-19 Decrease-Commonality with Islamic Teachings

The first person infected with The Omicron variant was found in Japan, but the dramatic decrease in the number of infected people in Japan seems to surprise the world.

According to the British “Guardian” newspaper (October 13), Tokyo, which was the host city of the Tokyo Olympics, had 5,773 new infections on August 13, but now it has decreased to 19. It is also stated that the surge in pre-Olympic infections caused anger against the Olympics, and Prime Minister Suga, who forced the Olympics, had to resign due to the decline in approval ratings.

ABC news of October 28 introduced the remarks of epidemiologist Mike Toole of the Burnet  Institute in Australia as the reason for Japan’s dramatic decline, and Japan’s “vaccine +” policy was successful. According to Toole, in addition to the vaccination rate of over 70%, he pointed out that Japan has a habit of wearing masks during the influenza pandemic, and that masks are thoroughly worn and that social distance is well protected. He says vaccines alone are not enough to reduce infections. Therefore, Britain and Ireland, which relied solely on vaccines, could not reduce the number of infected people.

There is a theory of self-destruction of the virus, but it seems that the background of the coronavirus infection deduction in Japan is due to the national character of the Japanese who keep the mask and social distance order.

Mr. Tadashi Ogawa, who was the director of the Jakarta office of the Japan Foundation, said that the impression he got as a result of visiting various Pesantren (Islamic dormitory schools) in Indonesia was that many people concerned said, “The order that Japan showed in the Great East Japan Earthquake and spirit of diligence, cleanliness, and mutual help was just a model of “Islamic values,” and Japan was an “Islamic society without Islam.”

Pesantren (Islamic dormitory schools) in Indonesia / インドネシア・プサントレン

Abdurreshid Ibrahim who was born in imperial Russia and later became the first imam of Tokyo Camii (mosque), said, “Many admirable morals in Islamic teachings are naturally possessed by the Japanese. Cleanliness, shame, loyalty, trust. Especially generosity and courage seem to be natural in the Japanese. “

The motto of Qatar’s Emir Tamim (Tamim bin Hamad bin Khalifa al-Thani), who became the youngest head of the Arab countries in June 2013, is to “learn from Japan.”

When Tamim became crown prince in 2003, he was advised by then-Emir Hamad and others to “look at his favorite country”, and the country he visited was China. However, in China, people didn’t line up even on the subway, people were willing to throw away trash in the city, and so on.

Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani attends the Opening Ceremony on day one of 17th IAAF World Athletics Championships Doha 2019 at Khalifa International Stadium on September 27, 2019 in Doha, Qatar. (Photo by Alexander Hassenstein/Getty Images for IAAF)

In Japan, which he visited next, passengers boarded the Shinkansen in an orderly manner, and there was no garbage in Tokyo Disneyland. The Emir seems to have seen that the orderly behavior and good manners of the Japanese people are the key to Japanese education.

I want to continue to be a Japanese who does not disappoint the expectations of Muslims who see the characteristics of an orderly Japanese as common to Islamic doctrine.








中日新聞「日本に懸けたイスラム志士 20世紀初め、西洋支配からの解放夢見て
初めて訪日した時のイブラヒム・アブデュルレシト(前列中央) / Abdurreshid Ibrahim when he first visited Japan (center of the front row)





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