日本人の至誠とイスラム/Japanese sincerity and Islam

Translation / 翻訳

 ヨルダン人のマンスールさんは、「『人事行政』に参加した、ヨルダンのマンスールさんが見たNIPPON!」と題するJICA(国際協力機構)の記事(2018年3月12日付)の中で、およそ20日間日本に滞在した印象を「道にはゴミなど落ちていない。ゴミ箱が種類ごとにいたるところに配置されている。電車を待っている時も列に並び順番に乗車する人々の姿に感動した。日本の人々はいたって自然にイスラムの教えに従っていると感じた。意識することなくごく自然に。コーラン、ハディース(預言者ムハンマドに関する伝承)を読まずにだ。心穏やかにいる、人を敬う、マナーを守る。」などと驚きの感動とともに記している。 https://www.jica.go.jp/tokyo/enterprise/kenshu/message/20180312.html

JICA「人事行政」に参加したマンスールさん/Mr. Mansour who participated in JICA “Personnel Administration”



いわき市の被災者を支援するムスリムたち/Muslims supporting the victims Great East Japan Earthquake in Iwaki City


アイキャッチ画像は映画「用心棒」より/Eye catch image from Movie “Yojinbo”


Mr. Mansour, a Jordanian, staying about 20 days in Japan, wrote a JICA (Japan International Cooperation Agency) article (dated March 12, 2018) entitled “NIPPON seen by Mr. Mansour of Jordan who participated in ‘Personnel Affairs Administration'”. The impression of staying in Japan for a day was “No trash has fallen on the road. Garbage boxes are placed everywhere for each type. I was impressed by the people who lined up in line and boarded in order even when waiting for the train. I felt that the Japanese people naturally followed the teachings of Islam. It was very natural without being aware of it without reading Koran, hadith (a tradition about the Prophet Muhammad).

トルコのアイスクリーム屋さん/Turkish ice cream shop

Makoto Mizutani, a director of the Center for Contemporary Islamic Studies, is a Japanese Muslim and a Hajj (meaning a person who has completed a pilgrimage to Macca [Mecca]), talking about Muslims’ views on Japan as follows.

 “Muslims in Japan do not complain about Japan and the Japanese. Unlike Westerners, Japanese like foreigners and there is little discrimination. Arabs who come into contact with Japanese evaluate it. It is the robustness of ethics and morals. “The Japanese realize Islamic teachings even though they are not Muslims,” ​​says the Arabs. Islamic goodness is felt by the Japanese in honesty, abstinence, and mercy. There are good and bad in human beings, so it is Islamic teaching to try to have as much good as possible. Since the most important thing in goodness is sincerity, in that sense, the goodness of the old samurai’s way of sincerity should be required of Japanese, especially in relation to the Arabs. “

ムスリムの被災者支援/Support of Muslim for victims of Great East Japan Earthquake

It is exactly the same as Mr. Mansour’s impression, but it is a pity that I should not feel that the Japanese “sincerity” values ​​that Islamic people have evaluated, have collapsed as seen in political scandals such as “Moritomo-Kake problem”.

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