ウクライナの緊張 ―日本人は歴史の未来を変えることができる/Ukrainian tensions ―Japanese can change the future of history

Translation / 翻訳

大林宣彦監督 ―歴史の未来を変えることはできる

 English after Japanese


大林監督(中央) Nobuhiko Obayashi (center)
エラー - NHK















賛同者の声 | 自由と平和のための京大有志の会
西牟田 祐二(経済学研究科教員)芦名 定道(文学部教員)今井 貴子(成蹊大学・教授)吉川 彬(地球環境学舎・大学院生)以前なら考えられなかった政治家の発言にも、もう驚かなくなってしまった。


「未来は既に始まっている」 ――ロベルト・ユンク




Director Nobuhiko Obayashi-Can change the future of history

A Movie director Nobuhiko Obayashi of the movie said, “We cannot change the past of history, but we may be able to change the future of history with movies. Each person who watches the movie leads peace with the efforts of each person. If you do what you do, the movie will create world peace. “

エラー - NHK

Not only movies, but other arts, literature, and, of course, historical studies can change the future of history.

The Iraq War, the Afghan War, and the tensions of Ukraine, and the negative history of the modern world, which is the opposite of peace, are created by economic interests such as the military-industrial complex and the personal honor of politicians. It is no exaggeration to say. It has nothing to do with the happiness of many, and war is in the economic interests of some and is also a factor in widening the gap between rich and poor in the world.

It is undeniable that Japan is also associated with the creation of a disgraceful history. If they don’t buy expensive defense equipment such as Aegis Ashore, whose performance is not clear at all, and the F35 fighter, which seems to be more than necessary, huge costs can be used for medical enhancement and anti-virus measures. I think the current corvid19 is also a lesson for the future of Japan’s budget allocation.

Actor Kotaro Shiga’s words

Ukrainian tensions are rising, with Japanese embassy staff also being ordered to evacuate.

When the peace and security legislation by the Abe administration was at the center of the controversy among the people in 2015, the “Kyoto University Volunteer Association for Freedom and Peace” against this bill was stated in the statement:

War begins in the name of defense.

War brings wealth to the weapons industry.

War quickly loses control.

War is harder to end than to start.

War brings disaster not only to soldiers but also to old people and children.

War inflicts deep wounds not only on people’s limbs but also on their hearts.

It seems to apply well to the current Ukrainian crisis and conveys the essence of the war well. Actor Kotaro Shiga responded to this statement by saying, “It’s a very legitimate claim. Who will be grateful (for the peace and security legislation) 20 or 30 years from now?” I often hear the words “It’s okay because I’m old, but I’m sorry for the children in the future.”  If you think so, I think what we should do now is not to leave a mark in the future. It is irreparable unless we realize that we are at a crossroads. I’m 66 years old, but maybe 30 years from now. It’s not everybody else. “

賛同者の声 | 自由と平和のための京大有志の会
西牟田 祐二(経済学研究科教員)芦名 定道(文学部教員)今井 貴子(成蹊大学・教授)吉川 彬(地球環境学舎・大学院生)以前なら考えられなかった政治家の発言にも、もう驚かなくなってしまった。

In 1956, German-born journalist Robert Jungk (1913-94) visited Hiroshima and wrote “The Light of the Ash Mound-Reviving Hiroshima”. It is a true reportage that introduces the misery of the atomic bomb and the people of Hiroshima who are rising to recovery, and has been translated into 14 languages ​​around the world.

For the better future

The Iraq War and the Afghan War were unsuccessful due to anachronistic attempts such as attempts to change the status quo in the war. “Whoever stands by the sword, he is sure to be defeated by the sword.” President Putin should be familiar with the meaning of this Bible word. 

As Director Obayashi says, if each of us doubts the irrationality of the war and makes some efforts, it will be a better future.

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