Dr. Tetsu Nakamura- “The holy place we aim for is the same. They only have different climbing points.”

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中村哲医師 -「目指す聖なる場所は一緒だ。それぞれ登り口が違うだけだ」

When a local Afghan-Muslim asked Dr. Nakamura “Why do you do your best for Islam even though you are a Christian?”, Mr. Nakamura said, “Look at the top of the snow-capped mountain. The holy place we aim for is the same. They only have different climbing points. “

Dr Tetsu Nakamura
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Reading Dr Nakamura’s this statement, I could not help remembering Jala al-Din Muhammad al Balkhi al-Rumi’s (1207~73) following words.

“Even if the roads are different, there is only one destination.

Look at it. There are many ways to reach the sanctuary of Mecca.

Some take the path from Asia Minor, some from Syria, some from Persia, some from China. Others cross far sea routes from India and Yemen. If you look only at the road, everyone is disjointed and there is no limit to the difference between them. However, if you look at what you are aiming for, everyone will come together. This is because everyone’s hearts are united toward the sanctuary of Mecca. “

“Differences between creatures come from their external shape. When one understands the inner meaning, there is peace there. Oh, the essence of existence! Differences between Muslims, Zoroastrians, and Jews have come to be due to different perspectives.” -Rumi

An Andalusian Philosopher, Ibn Arabi (1165~1240) said similar thing as in the following poem:

“My heart can take on

any form:

a meadow for gazelles,

a cloister for monks,

For the idols, sacred ground,

Ka’ba for the circling pilgrim,

the tables of the Torah,

the scrolls of the Qur’ān.

I profess the religion of love;

wherever its caravan turns along the way,

that is the belief,

the faith I keep.”

Dr Tetsu Nakamura changed desert into arable lands.

At the heart of Islamic teaching are the achievement of peace, the practice of what is right, and the equality of those before God, but this religious proposition may be common to all religions. It goes without saying that the people of Afghanistan do not stop seeking these values ​​on a daily basis. Dr Nakamura showed in his practice in Afghanistan that everyone wants the same thing. The Japanese and the international community should work hard for world peace by grabbing the significance of Dr Nakamura’s footprints.

中村哲医師 -「目指す聖なる場所は一緒だ。それぞれ登り口が違うだけだ」



かつて砂漠だった土地で落花生が実ったことを喜ぶ、PMSのアフガン人スタッフ=2014年12月4日、アフガニスタン・ナンガルハル州(撮影・中原興平志氏)PMS Afghan staff rejoices that peanuts have grown in what used to be a desert land = December 4, 2014, Nangarhar, Afghanistan (photographed by Mr Kohei Nakahara)






「被造物の間の差異は外的な形に由来する。人が内なる意味を理解したとき、そこには平和がある。おお、存在の精髄よ! イスラム教徒、ゾロアスター教徒、ユダヤ教徒の間に差異が生ずるようになったのは、観点の違いのためである。」-ルーミー


Dr Tetsu Nakamura surrounded by Afghan people


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Dr Nakamura speaking to Afghan people

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