「世界で最も美しい歌」の国が説く「愛の錬金術」/”Alchemy of love” preached by the country of “the most beautiful song in the world”

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イラン・ギーラーン/Gilan, Iran





ゴレスターン宮殿/The featured image is Golestan Palace, Tehran, Iran

Fumio Koizumi (1927-1983), a researcher of folk music in the world and a professor at Tokyo University of the Arts, said, “If you were asked to play music for five minutes at the time of your death, you would not hesitate to listen to Persian (Iranian) music. I would choose a song, because it has microtones that cannot be expressed on a piano, and there is no melody as gorgeous as that.” When he was in his teens, he heard Iranian music on a radio music program that he hosted, and he and his students were moved by it. It was expressed by a simple tune, and the impression remains strongly in my memory even now.

In 2014, the Iranian film “Gold and Bronze,” which was screened by the “Center for Contemporary Islamic Studies in Japan” at the Iranian Embassy, ​​expressed the following words of an Islamic religious school teacher. Expressing the mixed emotions of Islamic and Iranian poetry, it preaches the universal love, compassion and tolerance of human beings.

“All human action is permissible under God’s sovereignty, which means that loving is also done in God’s name, and that you love all that God loves. For God’s sake.” love in the name of God, not even for superficial beauty or even your own heart, but only for God’s sake. Even if you don’t find it, you will still love.Even if you don’t accept it, you will still love.If you didn’t love to the end, it wasn’t for God.If you struggle for God. That’s how you can get closer to God.

’Because of the alchemy of all love, my defiled countenance shines golden. So even dust becomes gold because of the grace of Thy blessing.’ (Hafez)

This alchemy that everyone pursues is love. Others are just gravel. Wash off the page. If thou art our fellow student…for the knowledge of love is not in any book. ”

“Alchemy of love” can be said not only between people but also between nations. Unfortunately, the Japan Foundation no longer has the budget to invite foreign musicians. I would like the Japanese government to pay more attention to the “alchemy of love,” such as cultural and artistic exchanges.

イラン・ヤズド/Yazd, Iran

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